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Friday, June 6, 2014

My Cables and Puffs Shrug Design

June 6, 2014:

Hi everyone! 

I am thoroughly enjoying crocheting this sampler pattern which I have named, Cables and Puffs. 

I have this idea is designing a shrug pattern with it.   I am convinced that this pattern would be easier if it was worked in the round without having to turn each row but that is not viable with this shrug rectangle design.

But I do enjoy making FPDC and BPDC stitches and the little puff stitches set them off nicely.

I am using two strands of Glenspun 8/2 cotton-like acrylic yarn (on the cones from, and a size 3.75 mm / F hook.

I still don't know what edging pattern I will be doing and I'll be figuring that out when I get to that part.

Please leave me a comment below.   I am always open to suggestions as I am new to designing shrugs and clothing.    Thank you and thank you for visiting! 

Lee Ann Hamm
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  1. That is beautiful. Have you considered making a cowl instead of a shrug? That way you can work in the round :)


    1. No, I have not considered a cowl and this pattern isn't the easiest to memorize when starting and ending a new row. Yes, I think this pattern would definitely be easier to work in a round.
      Thanks for the suggestion on designing this into a cowl! I like it! :) :)


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