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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Raised Garden Bed with Shelf! #2

Saturday, June 7, 2014:

We got another raised garden finished today and the remainder of the wood cut up for another complete 4 x 4 raised garden.

Post from the first raised garden we built:

We only need to put together the third garden without having to cut more lumber.   I made up my mind that I also wanted to get all of that reused lumber measured and cut do we wouldn't have to deal with the circular saw, saw horses, tape measure, pen and straight edge again.

I also have everything cut for a fourth garden but I need to get another 8-foot piece of  4" X 4" lumber to be able to cut in 24" lengths, which will become two of the inside posts.

It was so hot out there that we were glad to be finished.    We did all of this under our carport in the shade.   That first garden we constructed was done in the sun last week.   I thought we were going to bake or cook!  Today it was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit with 70% humidity and it was still extremely hot! 

This second garden built today has a shelf built on the top of one side for other items such as digging tools, potted plants, etcetera.   

My two guys had this great idea of building a shelf onto one of these gardens so that tools, plants, etc could be placed on this as the gardens were tended.

Pretty neat, huh?   I do like this idea but I think we are going to stick with just one of them out of the three having this shelf for now.

This is my idea which is subject to change.  After we get our load of dirt tomorrow, I intend to have these two gardens leveled and then we will fill them and plant.  I already have my plants ready to transplant too.

I know exactly where to place the third garden after it is built.

As for the other three, they may end up being placed more in an oval shape rather than a circular shape...who knows?  We are designing as we build!  :)

*Please comment below and let me know what you think.  I am always open to suggestions, improvements, etcetera!   Thank you for visiting!  :)

Lee Ann Hamm
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