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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lucky Pattern Find on a Crochet Cross!

     I was on Facebook this morning and came across a link for a tatting website called, Madtatter-Cheryl, Alberta at:
     There is some absolutely beautiful tatting on her blog pages - WOW, is all I can say!

     **There was also a scan there for a very old out-of-print pattern for 3 crosses; 2 of them crocheted and 1 tatted:
     I immedately noticed one of the crochet crosses (#6608), as being VERY similar to some that I had made 4 months ago.


     Four months ago, a co-worker had brought a crocheted cross to work (in August of this year).  Her grandmother had passed away a long time ago and had made the crochet cross that she was showing me and asked if I could make one like this.


     I whipped out my Blackberry and snapped a picture of it.

That weekend and managed to duplicate it until I had made up 3 of these crosses in a size 10 thread and my size 2 Clover hook.  Here's the result:

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by Madtatter-Cheryl, Alberta at:

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  1. The crosses are lovely, as is Cherryl's tatting. I used to crochet doilies years ago, but I don't think my eyes are my hands are up to the small hook and thread or I'd try some.


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