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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Made two more knitted rubber band grips and repaired another

July 9, 2015:

My knitted rubber band grip on my Knifty Knitter pick tool has been slowly coming apart lately.   Goodness knows that I have been putting some mileage on it with all the preemie hats I have been making since February of this year.

I figured that I had to carefully un-knit a few of the rows to be able to pull out the severed rubber bands.    I then I carefully loaded the six knit points onto my rectangle loom and started knitting from there. I had to re-knit four rounds/rows.

The other two pick tools don't have the long points, so I didn't knit those covers quite as long. I didn't want one side to fall off of the end or something.

These knitted rubber grips make all the difference and make it soooo much easier to knit on the handheld looms.

My previous blog post has additional photographs and a link to a video:

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