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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Impromptu Crochet: Crochet Pattern- Pineapple TOP

Hi everyone,

I came across this pretty crochet top at the Impromptu Crochet website.    I have not made this pattern before but I am thinking about it.   Click the title in the next paragraph to access the pattern.

Impromptu Crochet: Crochet Pattern- Pineapple TOP: PINEAPPLE LACE TANK TOP   Uses size 10 cotton crochet thread

February 23, 2015:

Got started on this yesterday and after doing several rounds, I ripped it back to round 1 after discovering that I had a twist in my work.    Whoops!   It was going to be an infinity scarf before it becomes a shirt.   LOL. Here is my progress so far!

I am making this with DMC Traditions size 10 cotton thread and hook sizes:

C or 2.75 mm, 4/0, 2.5 mm (Japanese sizing)
B or 2.25 mm, 3/0, 2.3 mm (Japanese sizing)

If anyone has made this please comment with your thoughts below. Thank you.   :)


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