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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Baby Hats/Booties at Horizon Medical Center

February 9, 2016:

Yeah! The baby hats that we made (me, my Mom and her neighbor, Betty Jo), for the Labor and Delivery Unit at the rural hospital, Horizon Medical Center in Dickson, TN, have arrived!  Yippee!    

We sent crochet hats and booties made crocheted, tunisian crocheted and loom-knitted.

I received these photos late last night and I couldn't wait to share them! It's so great to know they arrived and are appreciated and most of all, the angel babies will have a special handmade item to wear home from the hospital . 

To us, is just so wonderful to see the doctors and nurses with these and wearing their smiles!

Here is what our contact at the hospital  said:

"Thanks so much again for the hats! As you can see they were a big hit! People were really amazed by your talents and generosity!!!! Have a great day! 

Yours in Christ,
Lee Ann H
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    1. Thank you, Janet! We are working on another batch to send soon! :)


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