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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Knit Hat-Tunisian Crochet Hat Comparison

Yesterday, I moved from knitted swatches to an actual project. I decided on this hat pattern, Fitted Beanie-Easy Knit Pattern at 

Check it out! I'm knitting! . This "die-hard " crocheter has discovered the joy of knitting needles and taught herself how to knit a little this Thanksgiving week! Yeah!

I was glad to figure out one thing in the directions which might be an omission. After making the ribbed cuff, it says to "K across all rows". Doesn't that make a garter stitch with purl and knit stitches on both sides?

Anyway, I looked it up on YouTube and decided that she must have meant Stockinette stitch for the rest of the hat. I learned that this means knit stitches on one side and pulls on the other.

After this hat is made, I am going to duplicate this in Tunisian crochet using the same yarn and the same size hook; I want to see how the pieces look side-by-side and see if the are the same size or not.

One thing that I am unsure about with knitting is that unlike crochet or tunisian crochet, the project is always on the needle(s) and it's not possible to try it on for size halfway through the project. I'm just not that good at knitting yet, to get a feel for how big it really is while still on the needles. I guess that comes with practice. LOL. 

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But I am enjoying the heck out of this knitting! This is challenging and a real blast!

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