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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tunisian Crochet Pulled Gather!

September 29, 2015:

I finally came up with a way to do a tunisian crochet finishing gather such as at the top of a hat, instead of doing several rows of decreases.     Yippee! 

This is for a hat worked in rows using a regular tunisian or afghan stitch crochet hook.    I have not figured out how to do this with a double-ended tunisian hook, but that would be a neat thing to figure out.

In this particular example, I am using the "I Love This Yarn" by Hobby Lobby (worsted weight #4 yarn),  and a size M/N, 9.00 mm, US #13 size tunisian hook

My tunisian decreases don't look too good and I like the look of this pulled gather much better anyway.

I have a video of how to do this pulled gather on my YouTube  channel‎, if you would like to see this.

On the last row of your work and after completing the forward pass, you simply pull through all of those loops on your hook at one time instead of working them off two at a time.

That's it; it's very simple to do.   I thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you view and enjoy the video too.

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