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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Elise Shawl

June 9, 2015:
1st Elise shawl:
I am using 2 different colors of thin acrylic chenille cone yarn which I wound from those large cones of yarn you can find for sale on Ebay. Colors used are a gold and a brown/burnt umber color.
However, when I reached row 18, I accidentally spilled a glass red wine on it and the entire ball of the lighter colored yarn. Ahhhhh! &%@$!
I cut the yarns and in an attempt to salvage this chenille on the ball and what I had already crocheted, I washed the shawl. The stain seems to have come out (thank goodness!) The ball of yarn which soaked up a lot of wine was put into a knee high stocking nylon and then tied shut. I put it in the washing machine this morning and it's in the dryer now. I'm hoping that it removes the wine stains in the center of this ball. The stocking is keeping the ball intact and from becoming tangled.

June 10, 2015:
2nd Elise shawl:
So, last night I began another one. For this second one, I used the brown/burnt umber-colored yarn and a celery green chenille yarn. I like this color combination too. I will keep any drinks away from this while I am working on it! :)


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