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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fans Shirt!

October 8, 2013:

Hi everyone,

I just completed a "sampler style" shirt last night (actually it was done in 2013 and I forgot to publish it to my blog).  I only have to go back and weave in the little ends soon, since that remains to be done.

This is my first attempt at making this type of garment from the neckline towards the bottom hem of the shirt and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!    I especially like the way that the armholes could be formed by simply joining at the appropriate place near the bust.  I was surprised at how easy this was!    I don't know why I haven't done this sooner.

First, the basics:  I used two different size crochet hooks for this tunic.  I chose my Hamakana hooks to make this and for the yoke (neck to bottom of bust and after the point where the armholes are formed), I used the size 3/0.

For the body of the garment (armholes to bottom hem), I switched to the size 6/0 hook.

I measured myself and decided that since I wanted to do several rounds of decrease stitches at the top of the yoke, I wanted to make a foundation chain of around 40 inches (101.6 cm).

I decided to use two strands of size 10 thread held together through this project and this shirt used nearly 4 balls of Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton size 10 thread (400 yards on each ball).

The pictures with the pink crochet hook are actually the pieces I ripped out, since I wanted more fans per row in my shirt project.  This just didn't give me the look I was trying to achieve.

This picture shows both startings of this shirt; the top sample in this picture is the piece I ripped out and the bottom one is the one I went with and continued to make.  The bottom sample in this picture has the amount of fans I wanted:  5 each for the armholes, 6 on the front and 6 on the back for a total of 22 fans in each round.

Here is how I expanded the armhole opening; I made an extra chain-10 length at the bottom of each armhole.   I plan on wearing this over a turtleneck shirt and I wanted the extra room there.

Here is the sc, ch-1 in each stitch around edging I have on the bottom hem and on the neckline.


  1. OH that is very beautiful blouse!!!! It is very lovely crochet stitch too. You did great work as it is your first attempt doing (top-down blouse). I have made this kind of blouse twice; It is really an amazing technique. By the way light pink fits you so much.

  2. This is so pretty....very inspirational! Thanks for your comment about my marmalade....lucky you growing up with plum jam! X

  3. Lee Ann, your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips n tricks too.
    Happy hooking,
    Mary (yayamama56)

    1. Thank you, Mary. I appreciate it and thank you for visiting! :)


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