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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another garden #4 built!

June 17, 2014:

Yipee!   Another garden constructed today! We put together the 4th raised garden bed. All we had to do was put it together as we had already cut up the wood for it.

Green beans will be planted in this garden!

It was so hot that shortly after 1 pm we started feeling sick from the heat and we went inside for one of our numerous breaks.  Then we had some nice size black thunder head clouds move in and since that kicked up the breeze and made shade, we went out and shoveled in the dirt. 

 We just have a small pile left now. So, the 3 cubic yard load of dirt is plenty enough to fill four 4' x 4' x 16.5" gardens. We do need more dirt for the 5th and 6th gardens I want to put in. I need a garden for my cantaloupes now!   LOL

Lee Ann Hamm
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