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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rolled Brim Hat

August 14, 2013: The Hat!!    My Rolled Brim Hat!

Hi everyone,

I am enjoying a nice hat pattern which I found on the internet recently called the Rolled Brim Hat. I found this at the Thrifty Fun website and I just love the look and fit of this hat.

For the first two hats I made, the colors are worsted weight black and light pink yarn.  My first hat (and yes, that is my crochet hook hanging from the partially-finished brim)   LOL

My second roll brim hat! Colors are worsted weight black and light pink yarn:

This black hat is simply a reversal of the colors. With my first hat, I used a very light pink color and some black yarn for the band.
I decided to add another row of reverse single crochet stitches to the brim for the last round, on the black and pink hats. I gives it a nice finished look:

I rummaged around my stash and I came across a big ball of very VERY fuzzy and rather stiff yarn. I have no idea what brand it is or where I got it from; it is one if those mystery balls of yarn in my stash acquired years ago. It made a great-looking hat! I still have some left but I'm not sure if I have enough for another hat.

I re-wound this fuzzy yarn into a pull skein on my yarn winder and with a size F hook I was able to make this one. The band is a little bit of black worsted weight yarn.

TADA! I love this hat pattern!

My work with gauges before starting on this pattern. I wanted to achieve 14 dc stitches = 4 inches or 10 centimeters.

I used some worsted weight yarn and 3 crochet hooks for this.
-- The bottom swatch was made with a size I / 5.50 mm hook and was too big (14 dc=4.5 in).

-- For the middle swatch, I used a size G / 4.0mm hook and it was too small (14 dc=3.5 in).

-- For the top swatch, I used a size H / 5.0mm hook and it was just right! (14 dc=4 in).

I also found a nice sort of "tweed" looking colored yarn which I think will work well for a hat.

Here I have the brim rolled up in the front for a different look.

I started on a purple one with a gold contrasting color. Normally I would not mix two different fibers together, but for this I think it would be okay. The purple is some 4/2 cotton yarn from a huge cone I bought off ebay. I am using 2 strands of this held together.

The gold is from Caron Victorian Christmas colors a few years ago; only one strand of this.

Both of these have gold filament running through the yarns.
Thought I would try out this purple yarn and see what I could do with it. It's a limp yarn compared to worsted weight acrylic.

I also made another hat earlier this year back in January 2013 and I have this on my Pinterest board at: Crochet Hats, Tams, Berets, Caps, Headwear, Ya'll!

Here is that picture of the the slouch beanie I made. It is the Urban Jungle Crocheted Slouchy Beanie by Vickie Howell at:

I am new to making crochet hats and I find that I really like it! It is a great way to use up smaller leftover yarn! :)

Update: Friday, August 16, 2013:

I am frogging (you it, rip it!), the too-large pink hat and I am re-crocheting it in the small size on the pattern.  My head measures exactly 23 inches (58.42 cm) and the ladies large size hat in the pattern is too big; it feels like it is going to fall off).


Please feel free to leave me a comment below and I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your comments!

Happy Crocheting and Good Day!


  1. Hi Lee Ann,
    It's so nice!!
    And fit very well on your head and face!!
    Thanks for share "how to make".

    Botoaria Maos e Linhas

  2. Olá Lee ,
    adorei seu trabalho, também sou lá do Trama Mágica, no Facebook e vim aqui conhecer mais um pouco da sua arte.
    Um abraço
    Ana Paula Canto

  3. Just lovely hats!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Hi Le Ann..nice hats !, in here sometimes I saw fedora hat (like what u've made) that we can slip something in the brim to make it tougher, like a kind of rigid plastic, in indonesia local yarn are thin and more suitable to crochet lace type,so I never try to make this kind of hat yet..only very small brim like a baseball cap that I make by using double yarn to make it rigid..and btw that urban jungle slouchy beanie it's my fav pattern too..:)

  5. Hi, Sandy from

    I signed up for the Monday linky thought I would pop over and say hello! Love your hats! Nice work! Stop by and say hello when you can, and I have also started a Knitters Support Group and Some Crochet Too!....that is the name of the group....would love to have you!! Sandy

    1. Where is your group at? Facebook, yahoogroups? :)
      Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. :)

  6. You and your crochet is beautiful, I have eyes like, congratulations. I do not speak your language I used Google translator

    1. Hi Kika,
      I'm glad you could stop by for a visit to my blog. I do appreciate it!
      Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment. :). :)


  8. Este chapéu é trabalhado nas rodadas de crochê single e double crochet pontos. Quando eu começo a cor contrastante das rodadas 13-15, essas balas são trabalhadas uniformemente em pontos de crochê único. Não a prenda minha cor principal do fio quando eu começo a cor de contraste. Em vez disso eu cadeia 5 pontos e puxe um loop quando eu remover o meu gancho. Desta forma garante que os pontos não começ rasgados acidentalmente enquanto eu estou trabalhando em rodadas 13-15. Depois da rodada de 15, aperte essa cor e só pegar a cadeia 5 e ponto de deslizamento em qualquer crochê único da rodada de 15. Em seguida, continue a trabalhar o resto da banda chapéu. Boa sorte e espero que esta informação ajuda a você.
    Obrigado por visitar meu blog e por deixar um comentário.
    Beijos! :)

    This hat is worked in rounds of single crochet and double crochet stitches. When I start the contrasting color of rounds 13 - 15, these rounds are worked evenly in single crochet stitches. I don't fasten off my yarn main color when I start the contrast color. Instead I chain 5 stitches and pull up a loop when I remove my hook. This way insures that the stitches don't accidentally get ripped while I am working on rounds 13 - 15. After round 15, I fasten off that color and just pick up the chain 5 and slip stitch into any single crochet of round 15. Then continue to work the rest of the hat band. Good luck and I hope this information helps you.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. :)

  9. I love your hats, and they look so nice on you.


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