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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blue Crochet Skirt (April 4, 2013)

April 4, 2013:

New project! I am making my first skirt and I am naming it, "Blue Crochet Skirt".
I found this at (April 4. 2013) titled, "Saia em Croche."

In this picture I have 3 of the motifs made.  I am working in the ends as I go so there will not be a lot of them to sew in at the end.   I don't know if I need a drawstring at the waist or some sort of elastic.  This is new territory for me and I will figure it out later as I go.

I am using a 4/2 size cotton yarn from a 10-pound cone which I bought off of Ebay a while back. I hope this yarn will work well for this project. I am using a Clover hook size D (3.25mm).  Here is a link to that previous blog post:
New Blue Green Yarn What to Make With

But please, if you have any suggestions on the waistband, please comment below.  I would appreciate it very much.  :)


Now I have moved to the first sampler section.  I ended up with 48 ch-5 spaces but after several rows of this, I decided I wanted the skirt to flare out just a bit more and have more crochet fabric in it.  

Also, I have it laid out on top of a knit skirt which has a little more flare to it and I am trying to match the crochet skirt to that one.

After ripping out the sampler section back to the 2 motif rows, I worked extra stitches in to make 72 ch-5 spaces.  I think that this will work now with the extra fabric flare in the skirt.

See how the skirt is flaring out now?  Since I have 72 ch-5 spaces, I will need a lot more of these motifs in the design.

I started the motifs row last night will watching The Hobbit which was just released on Blue Ray (AWESOME MOVIE, by the way!!)

More to come later.......    :)

Here is a close-up of the motifs.  I have 8 motifs in each round at the top of the skirt and 18 in each round further down towards the hem or bottom of the skirt.

The top or waist of the skirt is on the left side of this picture:

Below is the 2nd section of motifs.  This is the section with 18 motifs in each round.

Here is a single layer of the skirt:

And I am now starting the next rounds of sampler stitching at the bottom of the skirt:

 I have a green knit skirt from my high school days and I slipped it under the Blue Crochet Skirt, to see what it would look like with another color behind the crochet stitching.

I just need to figure out if I want to add an elastic to the waist or if I want a drawstring.  I don't know which would be best but I think an elastic waist is the way to do this.

Also, I am not sure if I need to sew in a skirt lining or just wear it over another skirt.

What do you suggest?  I would love to hear from you!  :)   :)

 This is the bottom edge.  I worked single crochet stitches for one round in the last round of the chain-5 spaces.  Then I followed up with a round of double crochet stitches and single crochet stitches.

This is the impromptu waistband.  Since I do not want to use a drawstring on the waist, I would like to somehow figure out a way to put elastic in this skirt.....maybe make some sort of casing tube for the elastic.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions below in the comment box. I do appreciate them and I love hearing from my visitors!! :) :) Have a great day!


  1. Oh wow! This is looking amazing! I've never tried a crochet skirt but you make me want to give it a go :)

  2. Hi Elisabeth
    Good luck if you decide to try one. These are fun to make! Do you have a pattern in mind?

  3. Hi Lee Ann! Just wanted to thank you for your nice message on my Sheila's Crochet Friends list... Decided to check out your blog here, wow you do beautiful work!! I've subscribed to your blog so I can keep up with your new projects. My blog here is at Happy crocheting, keep up the fabulous work! Love that skirt and all your beautiful doilies! -SheilaSchnauzies

  4. Wow, and double wow on that lovely crocheted skirt! What an accomplishment.

    Just dropping by to say hello and thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Nice skirt! O would loosely stitch on black elastic band. If you going to wear it only with that green underskirt, you can sew them together using sewing machine and zig-zag stitch. I did that to a couple of my skirts.
    I love huge cones! Envy. :)


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