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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pineapple Neckwarmer (update), Nov 27, 2011

Hi everyone,

Well, I worked up another Pineapple Neckwarmer using the Microspun yarn (2.5 oz skein) from Lion Brand. I used a size H hook with the Microspun.

This yarn is soooo soft, but it does split easily.  To get the length to 19 inches (as specified in the pattern before making the first keyhole row), I had to do 32 rows.  Just be sure to measure and try it on as in this the picture below, to get an idea of how the length is supposed to be.

One of my sons peeked in the picture.  That's Patrick!  :)  :)

And, I have started a 3rd neckwarmer using a size G hook and 2 strands of size 10 thread held together.  I'm using Southmaid thread.  I really like the "drapy" feel of cotton thread and I think that this one will come out nicely too.   :)

Here are pics:

Link to the Pineapple Neckwarmer pattern:

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