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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CAL Clarice Top March 2014

Clarice Top by Kim Guzman: March 2014 (Official) - Crochet-Alongs - Crochetville:

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Who is participating in this CAL Crochet-A-Long? I am, and I am looking forward to this!

Kim Guzman has some lovely designs and I hope to be able to successfully make this. If I do accomplish and successfully complete this English pattern, I hope to gain a better understanding of the Russian, Japanese and Portuguese-written patterns.

Anyhow, I started this and it was coming out WAYYYYY TOOOO BIGGG! So, I cut the thread and re-started the garment. I elected to use Glenspun acrylic yarn (on cones from or in the Mint color. I chose hook sizes G (4.0 mm) and H (5.0 mm).

So far, this is my progress! I started into the "skirt" portion of this top last night.

March 11, 2014:

All done!  My CAL is finished! Yipee!!

Check out my page; I have this project posted there!   :)

Here is the Crochet-A-Long link for the CAL at crochetville if you would like to read the comments and posts and see the various pictures from other people participating:


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