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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Curly Qs Doily...FINISHED IT!

February 21, 2013:

Well, I must have been bitten by the "doily-making bug" lately as I am working on another doily.   I have not made a doily in many years, but I always had a fond place in my heart for working on these.

This one is called "Curly Qs" from the book, Favorite Throws & Table Toppers to Crochet.  (Please ignore the fingerprints on my Blackberry Playbook--they are somewhat visible in the picture).

Do you remember those twisty crochet ponytail ties from the late 1970's which moms would crochet out of yarn, for their little girl's hair? These twisty things are in this doily and I am looking forward to making that part.

I am on round 4 in this picture:

Stay tuned--more progress pics to follow. :)


February 24, 2013:
As promised, more pictures.  This doily is somewhat challenging (but not too difficult), and is a lot of fun to make.  I did have some problems on Round 10 which resulted in having to rip and re-crochet this round about 3 or 4 times.   I had to "frog it" .... you it, rip it, rip it!

Part of this next series of photos are of Round 10 and the Curly Q and the picture tutorial of how these curly Qs are made are placed on this round:

Here is a video I made with the help of my two sons, John and Patrick (my microphone man and my camera man for this).  This video doesn't necessarily show you "how" to make the individual stitches such as chains, double crochets and single crochet stitches.  Rather, it shows you how this curly q stitch is formed.

March 5, 2013:

I am almost finished!!  Yipee!!  There are 28 rounds in this doily and tonight, I am on round 27.

These photos are of rounds 21, 22 and 25; round 22 is the last round of curly Qs:


  1. That's a nice pattern (I have that book). I've also seen that pattern done in Christmas colors and it was lovely!

    1. Hi Linda! I thought I had gotten stuck on the first row of curly Qs last night...had to rip them out several times. But, I got it finally! Thanks for visiting and I will be posting more pics soon. :)

  2. Thank you for loving your visit to my little corner
    beautiful pieces
    always return
    Inez Barbosa

    1. Thanks, Inez and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  3. Oh this is beautiful, I love it. I want to try this curly q stitch, fun. :)

    1. Go for isalotoffun to make these curly qs. :). :). Good luck!

  4. Hi Lee Ann !!!

    Very beautiful doily. The lace pattern tutorial that you have shared in my picot is also very cute and lovely. I am definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Very nice curly doily, Lee Ann! I love it!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

    Feliz Páscoa!
    Um abraço


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