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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Knit Totoro Hat

A-ha! I finally got the hang of changing colors in the middle of a row while knitting with two needles! It's a snap in crocheting, but knitting just had me stumped, especially since I've only been knitting since December of last year. LOL. 
Thank goodness the pattern is only knit and purl, since those are the only stitches I know so far.
This has been more fun following a block chart and working with two colors. Reminds me of filet crocheting and crochet moez. 

On the third row, I was having my doubts if the hat would turn out well but I kept going. Now, I'm glad I didn't give up on it! 

This is my progress on the Totoro Hat which I found on Ravelry ( I also watched the video for this hat on youtube and it was quite helpful. :)
I used some old Natura Wintuck worsted weight acrylic yarn for this hat. This yarn hasn't been made in years and someone recently gave me this old yarn. I accepted graciously because I never turn down yarn! :)

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