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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Loom Knit a Rubber Band Grip!

April 7, 2015:

I saw the neatest youtube video the other day on how to use a handheld loom and knit a grip using small rubber bands.    It looked so easy and seemed to be a useful creation.

I found the Rainbow Loom rubber bands at Michaels and I already had bought a long rectangle loom but it was still new in the package.

Here is the video link to follow along to make this!

This is such a neat project. I already had a rectangle loom but I had never used it before.    This rubber band grip is my first project on this long loom.   :)
The directions in the video are terrific and it was easy to follow.   I love my colorful grip for my Knifty Knitter tool!   :)

Below are my progression photos!  This worked up really quickly and it is very easy to do and above all, it made holding the slippery Knifty Knitter pick tool a breeze!

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  1. Roberta, você tem um blog maravilhoso e eu visitei o seu muitas vezes. Obrigado por visitar o meu e para comentar. Beijos!
    You have a wonderful blog and I have visited yours many times. Thank you for visiting mine and for commenting. Kisses!


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