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Saturday, March 7, 2015

My First Addi Item!

March 7, 2016:

Been a while since I have posted to my blog and I have a terrific hat pattern I tried by Nerdgasm Knits on .     Here is the link:

This is one of the few written patterns for the Addi knitting machine ‎which I have found.    This is a free pattern too.

It is 40 rounds of the first color (blue), 40 rounds of White and another 40 rounds of blue.  

At the end of the last color (blue), I casted off by threading a large-eyed sewing needle and picking up each stitch as I slowly got if off the machine, one stitch at a time.   Then, I gathered and pulled each side tight‎, stuffed one end of the hat into the other and sewed that secure.

Then I made a big pompom and attached it to the outside of the hat.

VOILA!      I love my Addi machine.     I used the King sized (46-needle) Addi for this.

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