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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Urban Slouch Beanie Hat

Hi everyone,

I have been making a bunch of hats and beanies lately and they are such fun!   I especially love the slouch design on myself and I like the "stylishness " of this look!   Put together with a skirt, tights and boots .... look out!! 

These slouch beanies work up quickly and can be finished and ready to wear in one or two days!

This is a free pattern by Vickie Howell and it is a good one!  I found this pattern at this link on

Lee Ann Hamm
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  1. Found your site by accident ( not sure how! haha). I noticed that you have at one time made the crochet names. Do you still do that? I am very interested if you do.

  2. Seus trabalhos são lindos!
    Sônia Mara - trabalhos da vovó Sônia


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