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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Craft Room Organizing; Great Grandmother's Motifs

My great-grandmother had started these crochet pieces probably before I was born. I barely remember her and the only memories I have of her, is that she was bedridden. I think I was about 5 at the time and she had stopped crocheting many years before that.    As of October 2013, I am 49 years old so these motifs were made some time ago.

I have no idea what she may have meant these to be other than some type of doily or antimacassar.

She did however crochet very very tightly and I can tell when I hold these pieces, the work feels thick, tight and the stitches are evenly done too. Sure wish I could have known her when she was able to crochet.

I inherited a lot of her old booklets and books with patterns and I *think* this pattern is from one of her old 10-cent booklets called, "Radio and TV Scarves. "   I am not certain though. I also have the unused balls of thread she was using to make these and they still have their wrappers intact.

In further organizing my craft room, THE SAGA CONTINUES! LOL  More photos of this organizing of a craft room continues at:

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Lee Ann Hamm


  1. Lee Ann, Hi!
    Beautiful squares for a blanket!
    Thanks for your visit and comment in my blog.

  2. Such beautiful work! Are you going to finish her project? If you don't feel up to trying to match her work that piece woul make a beautiful memory pillow. Love your blog, thanks for sharing your family heirloom with us, blessings from Illinois.

  3. Olá, muito obrigado pela visita em meu blog. Gostei muito de conhecer o seu trabalho. Suas peças são muito bonitas!


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