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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Angel Trumpet-Spectacular Plant

Saw a beautiful plant growing and I fell in love with it!

I need to visit the local plant nuseries to see if I can find this beautiful plant.

What is interesting is that the blooms on this plant droop during the day but open to form the trumpets as the sun starts to set. The blooms range from white to a tinged light pink.

Here are some pictures I was able to take, enjoy! :)

Does anyone else have one of these magnificent plants?


  1. I don't have any of these plants, but I've always heard them called Trumpet Plants. They come in different colors and are gloriously beautiful. :) Enjoy!! I hope you can find some to plant at your house. :)

  2. I will definitely be looking for one and am anxious to see what other colors are available. Thanks, Kathy. :)

  3. My white Angel Trumpet has bloomed twice this year here in New Orleans. The "Mother of Millions" which you are calling an alligator plant will grow from the seeds on the spent flower stalks if alowed to mature. It is a type of kalanchoe often seen in nurseries.

  4. I was looking at your crochet patterns when I came across this post. The Brugmansia plant is toxic and should only be handled with protective gloves. The plant, can cause diarrhea, nausea, confusion and dizziness, and an overdose can be fatal.

    1. Hi Reya,
      I went to that website and I bookmarked it. I didn't know about the toxicity if thus plant and when I'm around this one, I will be sure to wash my hands if I come in contact with it.
      Thanks again for the pink and the info. :) Thanks also for visiting and leaving a comment. :) :)


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