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Sunday, April 22, 2012

LSU School Of Music, Recital Night

Hello, everyone!
Had a nice evening listening to some great music at the LSU School of Music by performed by a fellow singer, Jeff, with whom I sing with on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in a church choral setting.

It's a real honor to know this man and to be able to attend his recital.   Everyone involved did an outstanding and excellent job with Jeff in helping him with his recital.

Afterwards, I came across a famous man whose music I adore, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!  Wolfgang, please lend me some of your musical talents, my sweetie!   :)

Mozart, what concertos are you thinking up tonight?

Look at this stunningly beautiful antique harpsichord in the lobby of the recital hall.  Isn't it beautiful?!

Justin Bieber was there too; probably the closest I will ever get to Justin Bieber.

All in all, a grand time there was for everyone who attended!


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