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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wheat Motif Bolero, Vest, Jacket (10 large squares), March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012:
Hi everyone,

My latest bolero which I have named, "Wheat Motif Bolero."

This is the simple picot edging on this bolero.  It's the same edging featured on the pattern except that I am not doing a ch-1 between the double crochets or the picots.  I find that the chain-1 made it ruffle a little too much and I didn't want the ruffled effect.

However, a ruffled edging would look pretty good.  I guess it depends on what your preferences are.  Here is the pattern:

 Since there is not a gauge indicated on this pattern, mine turned out a little larger than pictured on the model.  Also being made with a cotton yarn, it is likely to shrink somewhat, so that little extra largeness might work in my favor.

I am on the last little bit (the edging) of what I call my Wheat Motif Bolero made with 10 large squares.

Here's how it looks as of tonight when I took pictures:

To be honest, these squares were a little hard to memorize and I had to keep referring to the pattern all the way through the 10th square.   Ugh!

Then, I couldn't seem to piece these squares together correctly, attaching the wrong sides together, having a right and a wrong side showing in the back, etc, etc, etc .... one problem after another.   And this pattern looks so simple on paper!  Felt like I ripped out more than I actually crocheted.

Click here to see that huge cone of blue and green yarn I bought!

Since it is too large to carry around, I just wind portions of it into balls and use it that way.  We have a digital scale at work and I can weigh the finished bolero to get the amount of yarn I used.  If I can't use that scale, there is always one at the post office.

Here is the hook size and I'm holding it up against the front edge of the garment.  I have not started the edging on this part yet.

Good night, everyone!  Thanks for visiting my blog!    :)  :)


  1. This is a really nice bolero. I have started getting interested in working from symbol charts since there are so many cool Japanese patterns that use them. Only thing is, can't tell what yarn is used or hook size or gauge since this info is written in Japanese kanji. Perhaps that's why your bolero turned out bigger than the one in the photo. But I like the drapey effect of yours. I don't have the figure to where the golden one.

    Russian patterns also use symbol charts, but I find the Japanese patterns to be more clear and concise.

  2. Hi Patrice,
    I think you're right in why it didn't turn out the size of the one on the model in the picture.

    I managed to finish the edging around the armholes and the neck, front edges and bottom. I'll have to post a pic soon of the finished product. :)

  3. Beautiful color and wheat motif was a good choice too!!
    Lindo Bolero!!!


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  5. It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)


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