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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hexagon Motif Model2 Tunic (shirt, top) Garment

February 20, 2012:
As of this morning (and last night), I am re-starting a shirt with different materials.  Suffice it to say that on my first attempt at making this garment, I thought I had enough thread of the color I chose but surprise!  I have run out of this particular color.

I don't know what I will do with th e half-finished shirt, but I will probably rip it out and use the thread for something else ..... one day, but not anytime soon.  I still may be able to salvage this by incorporating another color and moving some motifs around.

Anyway, I had found this pattern on the internet and thought how pretty it was.  I had to learn and comprehend connecting a 6-sided motif together (for me, squares are still the easiest to work with).

Here is the pattern and graph picture I have to work with.  There is no indication of materials or hook size so, I am "winging it" and using a size E Clover hook and my 4/2 cotton which I bought from someone on Ebay.  (This 4/2 cotton is the same size as Perle Cotton size 8 or 10).

I have gauge pictures below in English and Metric and one overall picture of how it looks today:

February 26, 2012:

Here is a picture of how the garment is coming along as of Sunday, February 26, 2012.  I have the back completed and have started on the front of the blouse.


February 27. 2012:

Monday evening, this is how the blouse looks now.  I have only 3 more motifs to make and attach at the bottom front of the garment.  

I am thinking of putting one or more rows of single crochet edging around the armholes, bottom and neckline of this.  I don't want to use anything fancier such as picots, in keeping with the outline of the motifs themselves.

Anyone know an edging which might work well with this blouse?  Please comment with your thoughts and thank you!   :)  :)


February 29, 2012  Happy Leap Year!

It is almost finished!!!!! 
I worked 2 rounds of single crochet around each armhole and two rounds of sc edging around bottom of  shirt.

Next step is to edge the neckline in a similar fashion.

More to follow later ......


  1. This is a pretty top, although I don't think I would wear a white bra underneath it (as shown in the first photo). Seems you'd have to wear one the color of the yarn or a tight fitting, sleeveless tank top. Looking forward to seeing how this proceeds.

    1. I wouldn't wear just a bra either. This calls for a shell or a tank underneath. I was able to work on it a little more last night and it's coming along nicely. :)


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