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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bolero-Time Again!! Drops 126-8 Bolero by DROPS Design

Drops 126-8 Bolero by DROPS Design

The terminology and the way the directions are worded are a little hard to understand and is a bit awkward, but managable.

I like the look and "drape" of this bolero in the picture.

For this bolero, I decided to use 2 strands of size 10 Cameo Crochet Thread held together and a size C Clover hook.

Cameo thread is no longer made so you will have to find an appropriate substitute.

This thread color is a light blue color.

The item is curling a little bit around the outer edge but I am hoping that once I have the squares attached, this will solve the problem.

This is what it looks like before making the squares.  The squares will go around the perimeter of this garment.

So far I have used 4 350-yard balls just before I have started making the squares which outline the bolero.

I'll post more pics soon!   :)  :)

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  1. Olá Lee, tudo bom?
    Voltarei em breve para ver o resultado final do seu bolero. Com certeza ficará um show !!!!

    Valeria Allão


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