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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pineapple Neckwarmer (English)

Yipee! I'm am a little on "cloud 9" today and yesterday evening.

I have been admiring a pattern for a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s pineapple neckwarmer for about 2 months now.

The problem? It's in Portuguese and I do not read or speak Portuguese.

Well, I found a video on youtube and listening to the words spoken in Portuguese as this item was being made, I was able to write the pattern in English. I've NEVER done anything like this before!

I have plans to post the English version on this blog soon.   I have this re-written in a notebook and I'm fixing to snap photos of the pages, just to have another copy someplace else, if the notebook gets misplaced.  It's actually my recipe book.  

Here is the link for the original pattern at Pink Rose's blog:

 Have a great day!


  1. This pattern is beautiful and I love the scarf. It is my problem too that I sometimes see beautiful patterns and doesn´t understand a word. I know a very interesting crochet site with lots of pretty patterns but it is russian! No chance for me to understand it.

    best greetings from germany,

  2. That's great! Now a pattern in English!


  3. Hi,
    I'm portuguese...may be I can help!!!

  4. Looking forward to the english version! :)

  5. This is a beautiful pattern. Can hardly wait to get the instructions in English!! Awesome!

  6. Hello Lee Ann. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. I have added myself to your blog as well. You have some pretty neat posts and I hope to come back soon and read more. Love the pineapple scarf, now how pretty is that!!! And saw the post on that circular crocheted star (is there a pattern?) I have made the name crochet pieces from the crochet thread, sold a few and made one for us. I really need to get busy and post a pic. I kinda made my own pattern on that one but never wrote down a pattern. That pattern writing is sooooo time consuming. Have a great Thanksgiving!!
    Susanne :)

  7. Beautiful neck warmer! I wonder if your Portuguese video is made by the same woman, Elaine, whose crochet hexagon baby sweater videos I used to create a pattern from (its a free pattern on my blog)? If so, she does marvelous work! This neck warmer would make a great Christmas gift! Looking forward to your pattern!

  8. Hi everyone,
    I am awaiting a comment and hopefully, a "go-ahead" from the blog owner of this pineapple scarf. Until then, the videos on the weblink above are your best bet. :)

  9. Hi, Lee Ann!

    Yes,of course you can! I'm glad to see English neck warmer pattern on your blog)):)



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